I'm convinced this has to happen for everyone. You are in the middle of saying/doing something or even coming off of an adrenaline inspired gut reaction and it hits you: This is exactly what my mother would have done.

In honor of that feeling, I'm sharing 3 things my mom taught me (inadvertently or no) that have made me a money saving machine.

Eat All The Things

Money in the trash Maybe this was a first-generation immigrant thing or even a growing up poor thing, but in my parent's house, you finish what is on your plate. You can go for seconds, but you'd better finish that too.

You lose money when your plate of leftovers goes bad in the fridge. Whenever I have to throw rotten food away, my eyes somehow transfix it into piles of silver dollars. They stare at me, faces up, wondering what they did to deserve such treatment. They have a good point too. The whole thing could have been avoided if I just ate my food. Speaking of which...

There Is Rice At Home

Rice & Stew Photo Credit My mother said this A LOT. It was always true and never comforting, that is until I started living on my own*. This is a hard pill to swallow, but an empty bank account does no one any favors. So pass on the quick bite - especially when you're already on the way home.

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Sometimes it's hard to talk yourself down from that gnawing feeling that you are so hungry, you won't have the energy to cook when you get home. See what I did there? This is why it's so important to buy one quick and easy to cook food when you're shopping. I am not above making ramen as soon as I walk in the door. Sista gotta eat.

Take Off Your "Outside" Clothes

Before  After comfy When I was little I couldn't wait to live just like the people on tv who wore the same things at home as they did when they went out. It seemed so liberating. Wake up and get dressed, even if I wasn't going anywhere. Even more enticing was the idea of coming home and not having to change right then and there. I know, I was an elaborate dreamer

This small tip can add months to your clothing - especially with all the fast fashion finds these days. Have a set of clothing for home. They don't have to be your raggedy old sweats - although mine are - they can even be in-season. The end goal is that your clothing that you like to wear outside wears out at a slower pace. It's found money!

*I don't really live on my own. I have roommates. But, you get the gist.

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