Hello! I'm Enoma, a junior Business Major living in NYC. I love to make people laugh and think differently. I wear my quirky and sassy nature like a sash of pride.

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If there is one thing I love, its a great deal. As hard as they can be to find, I have made a lifestyle out of smart shopping and financing of my day to day expenditures. I'd love to share with you the best ways to save on money, but not skip out on quality.

In my cost-saving life, I've learned that a great deal isn't always what it's cracked up to be. We’ve all seen a Pinterest DIY or video on Facebook with a budget-friendly hack that looks way too budget friendly in real life.

In truth, money isn’t the only budget we work with. To keep our lives in balance we have to budget effort and time as well.

I can promise you that the suggestions and tips I'm giving you are the best that I have experienced. My advice comes with the all too real limitations everyone has: limited hours outside of school, limited cash income, and limited energy. I hope that my Chic&Savvy ways to pull of small budgets can help you as much as they have help me.