There’s nothing better to start of the new year than a great deal! Sometimes you have to hunt them down by the skin of your teeth. Sometimes one catches you as you walk by in a shopping center. But one thing you have to be wary about when you see a great deal is whether or not it’s good stuff.

I’ve got something even better than a great deal: this is about a genuine steal on great stuff!

Charming Charlie is an accessories store that is arranged by color! Honestly, I would say go shopping in the store (This can be dangerous if you’re trying to save money, but not here). It’s like walking into a celebrity closet that has been hand selected for style, but you can actually have anything you touch.

I often buy are often hypoallergenic jewelry or manmade handbags. The styles are really affordable, even when they’re not on sale. It’s not a place for pieces that you’ll pass down to your grandchildren, but you can absolutely get several years of wear out of their stuff.

I picked up a super soft pair of brown winter gloves for $4.99, that was a $9 discount.

You can get clearance jewelry for an additional 60% off, all winter accessories for $4.99, and clearance apparel is BOGO Free.
If you have some friends you forgot to get gifts to before you left for the holidays, you can also pick up some socks since they’re 3 for $15. That deal, is only online.

Just to recap, you can get an amazing deal on cute, in-season, handbags, jewelry, sweaters, nail polish, and winter accessories. This is all at Charming Charlie’s Semi-Annual Sale. If you’ve never been before, or haven’t stopped by this holiday season, now is a perfect time to visit.

Happy New Year and happy savings y’all!