This is the last of two posts explaining the name of my blog and what you can find in my posts. Feel free to read the first one "Let's Talk Chic."

Most of the budget or frugal living blogs you'll find belong to suburban moms with mini vans. These are great for inspiration, encouragement, and the occasional idea, but they're a far cry from NYC. If you do chance upon a finance blog by college studnets its either about living in the middle of nowhere with a furnished dorm and a meal plan, or a cut and dry guide to building an investment portfolio using your student loans.


(adjective) |sav·vy| having or showing perception, comprehension, or shrewdness especially in practical matters

Clip-Art of a budget binder (Source) Savvy is for my dinner this past Saturday. Two medium four topping pizzas for $4. It's the understanding that there is income and there are expenditures. These numbers must meet. In order stay fiscally sound you either have to adjust your income or adjust your expenditures. If you're not able to or unwilling to eliminate expenditures, then you've got to get savvy about them.

Savvy is also for snark and sarcasm. Because finances are great, humor might be better.

One More FAQ

Do You Use Coupons?

Yes. All the coupons. Any time I can. If you want/need to save money, you'll have to get over this pride hurdle at some point.