Christmas is 4 days away and the professional procrastinators of the world are entering into crunch time to get all of your gifts in time. Because I wish you well and hate the idea of you spending more money than you have to, I'm sharing my procrastinator's guide to holiday gift shopping.

I've curated 5 great last minute gift tips and ideas so you can gift with class and style without spending a fortune.

Make A Kit/Gift Basket

identical shopping bags I'll admit, this sounds like it's time consuming and can be quite expensive. It's actually not, so let me explain. You can make a basket full of trinkets, tools, or foods that mean a lot to each person. Set a budget (I find that $15 works great.) and then fill it up with things you find at a store your friend frequents or places like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Target.

  • Go to a craft store, like Michael's or Hobby Lobby and buy the wooden crates, baskets, or buckets. These are super cute, decorative, and function long after the gift has been opened (You can buy inexpensive gift boxes here too).
  • Decide which container fits each friend so you know how much room you have to work with.
  • Your task, is now to buy as many small things that fit into the basket for each person on the list. Buy things that meet little needs, like hand sanitizer, tea, and USB cords.
  • Finally, top it off with chocolates or peppermint candies. It's Christmas after all.

Style Tip: Theme the basket. If you have a friend that loves to knit, buy needles and yarn while you're at the craft store. If they like building things, buy them new drill bits and screws, etc. This gift is about the details.

Shop Department Stores

This year I've fallen in love with department stores. Call me crazy, but I'm convinced they have better sales than boutique shops. If you're looking to get most of your gifts in as few places as possible, department stores like JCPenney and Macy's are a sure bet to get great quality and amazing holiday steals.
Style Tip: Department stores have the best selection of specialty and extended sizes - like extra-long hems and husky pants. If you have a friend who struggles to find fashionable clothes in their size, you could surprise them with basics like slacks, dresses, shoes, etc. that actually fit well.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Boxes Today is the last day I'd advocate for Prime Purchases before Christmas time. Word of caution: Free Prime delivery is no longer guaranteed to arrive in two days. So please be sure to double check the delivery during check-out. Also, give yourself a day of wiggle room if you live in an ice or snow impaired portion of the globe.
Savings Tip: Your friends and loved ones may have wish lists on Amazon. These will save you time when trying to figure out what to buy them. You can sort the list by recency or priority.

Use In Store Pick-Up

We all know that the people on the road this time of year are crazy aggressive. Listen to me, they are like Sunday church-goers compared to the people in mall parking lots. You can shop at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Macy's, and JCP, and limit your browsing selection to items that are available for in store pickup. This allows you to capitalize on last-minute Christmas deals without having to brave the crowds and messy isles in store.
Savings Tip Use Retailmenot, my favorite online coupon website, before checkout to see if there are any online-only promotions you didn't know about that will save you additional money.

Bag It

Pretty gift bags Use a gift bag!! This makes wrapping simple and something that you can do in the car, before arriving to the party. Just a random worst case scenario here.
Savings Tip: Buy plain color bags at the dollar store and class them up with more expensive tissue paper. Dollar store or plain bags are often much cheaper for larger sizes. You can coordinate Christmas colors or go with fun patterns for the tissue. You can add an adhesive bow for an extra touch. photo source

May love, joy, peace, and holiday discounts bless you this Christmas season.